Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I have promoted Vabeachquilter before in my blogger but it seems every time I turn around she is reinventing her shop. She has changed it again since the last time I promoted it in my blog. I remember a time when it was just simply patches of quilts. She may disagree with me but, that is how I remember it. Now she has purses and pouches and all kinds of cool things. Her shop addie is: That is where you will really want to go to start your exploring...just so you don't miss anything. Look at the quilt in this pic! Isn't it gorgeous and colorful? Like a rainbow. I would love to have that on my bed. And quilting is no easy task. Not for the faint of heart. So go visit her shop and see all the goodies. You'll have fun. :)

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  1. Wonderful quilter, awesome person, great feature!