Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Etsy Blogger Style File

I am so excited. The new and first Etsy Blogger Style File included one of my watches in it's collections. Right out of the blue my watch was included! That's right! You can see and read about it here. It is a cute collection and you really should swing by and take a look. I just finished...or almost finished a watch today. Very pretty, it is! My husband is gonna have to start taking pictures again.

Anyway, go take a look

Friday, October 21, 2011

Today is an Odd Day

I have been wanting to make more watches for my shop. I made my sister a watch and customized a customer a watch that I sold to her. So now I am feeling the creativity flowing. As you all know I have Bipolar that is kept in check with meds. I am extremely fortunate that it is very sensitive to the chemicals in medication. When I feel swings happening I can tell my doctor and she can adjust my meds in the smallest of ways and it helps. I told her about 3 weeks ago that I was feeling swingy and she adjusted the meds and I evened out. I started sleeping better yet I am still missing whole sleeping night and waking early as I did this morning. And today I feel myself in a downward spiral. It just feels like the darkness is coming in. I am irritable too. I am feeling the need to meditate. I am still feeling the need to create. That's good. I would like to make some watches for the holidays. Not holiday watches but, I would like to add some new watches to my shop for the holidays.

Anyway, I have also been doing readings and there may be some not so good energy hanging onto me if I have not shielded myself as well as I should. So I have a friend working on me long distance and I will be doing Reiki on me this morning and meditating. I am sure this will help. Clearing any murky energy will also help my creativity.

Thanks for reading...I know this was a bit of a different entry. But I like to share my personal stuff as well as the other stuff as you all know. Any comments are always welcome. Do you go through something similar? Do you have a mental health issue? I truly would love to read about it. Until next well and happy and have fun!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What are We Doing for Halloween

What are my plans for Halloween?

This is a simple question with a simple answer. I plan to stay home with my husband and 2 dogs and 1 cat. Our outside light will be out and our blinds will be down. No candy will be given out. Why? Because each time the door is knocked upon my dog, Chopper, wants to tear the door down and eat the person dressed in the odd costume. He does not understand that it is a human dressed in the costume. He only sees the odd costume. He reacts before he smells. This is a stress my husband nor I need and so we take the easy way out by eating chocolate and watching scary movies on Halloween night. We put a sign that lies, “All out of candy.” A small white lie? Yes. Are we going to Hell? Probably. Is Chopper calmer and happier? Yes and so am I.


I have a shop that I want to share with you. It is called Splendid Little Stars. This scarf is one of the treasures that is in her shop. She has all kinds of fun things in her store. She has things like hats, scrunchies and tie-dyed shirts. I am partial to this scarf and I am hoping that since I am highlighting it one of you will snap it up. If it were square I would get it myself to cover one of my crystal balls. I really love this scarf. This is a really cute shop and hope you go visit Splendid Little Stars.