Monday, January 30, 2012

Copper watch, blue beads

This is one of my bracelets from my new bracelet shop.  Click on "shop" and then bookmark my shop so you can go back to it.  I have very reasonable prices and my bracelets make great gifts for yourself and for others you love.

Copper Bracelet, Blue Bead & Heart Toggle B002 - $25.00

This is a handmade bracelet that I made for Bracelets by Helen of copper, round beads and blue, glass beads ( 13 x 8 mm ). The blue beads are translucent and beautiful; they fall smoothly against your wrist. They have a vintage feel to them. This bracelet fastens with a heart shaped toggle clasp.

The bracelet measures 6.5 inches long. Sorry but, this bracelet is non-customizable and cannot be chang...

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New Shops

I started 2 new shops!
Bracelets by Helen and Earrings from Helen
You can go to them and bookmark their locations. I decided that my passion is watches but that people are using their cell phones for time telling and not watches as much anymore. So I decided to branch out. I also saw that people were not buying sets like the same watch and earring together so I've decided to split the sets up and make my Watches by Helen a pure watch shop. People just don't buy sets. They buy earrings alone.

I have found one person that loves my stuff and she buys the sets but I make her customized watches, earrings, and watches. She is a treasured customer. I don't know how all this will work but it is an adventure I am willing to try.

My Helen's Light Readings shop is getting readings and I enjoy that shop. My new shops have a small inventory as they are just starting out. I am not stocking them hurredly but at a steady, slow pace. I invite you to check back often.