Monday, January 30, 2012

New Shops

I started 2 new shops!
Bracelets by Helen and Earrings from Helen
You can go to them and bookmark their locations. I decided that my passion is watches but that people are using their cell phones for time telling and not watches as much anymore. So I decided to branch out. I also saw that people were not buying sets like the same watch and earring together so I've decided to split the sets up and make my Watches by Helen a pure watch shop. People just don't buy sets. They buy earrings alone.

I have found one person that loves my stuff and she buys the sets but I make her customized watches, earrings, and watches. She is a treasured customer. I don't know how all this will work but it is an adventure I am willing to try.

My Helen's Light Readings shop is getting readings and I enjoy that shop. My new shops have a small inventory as they are just starting out. I am not stocking them hurredly but at a steady, slow pace. I invite you to check back often.

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