Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Creations with Heart

This Weeks Featured Artisan is Creations with Heart

I truly enjoy creating jewelry and it's a bonus and a pleasure to make it available to you!

I love to create classic and western jewelry that will always fit your style! Gemstones, crystals, pewter and leather are just a few materials I enjoy working with. I'm a "dog mom" so including animals in some of my creations is a must -- I love them so much! A percentage of all animal related purchases is donated to help the animals. It's something I like to do to help our furry friends that need and depend on us.

You'll see jewelry styles ranging from classic, animal themed, southwest, western and inspirational. My wish is to have my guests smile when they put my jewelry on. When you smile, you feel good!

I hope you enjoy the jewelry I've created and may it bring you joy and happiness

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Creations With Heart

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Update on Gracie

My husband and I were so pleased today to see Grace in the yard sniffing and wagging her tail. He had helped her out to the back yard. She had found the place to lay and was just enjoying herself. So now every evening she goes out with him and the rest of the dogs to soak up the night air. She may be disadvantaged or handicapped but she is enjoying what she can. She still lays and whines at times so I still wonder if she is in pain. The doctor will let us know that for sure. She is our sweet Gracie.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tulips Treasure Box Jewelry Blog

I just had to blog about this artist's blog because she added a very funny joke to her blog. It is for adults and near adults so be fore-warned. Her addie is

Her shop is and she does beautiful work. I wanted to blog about her jewelry also. It's very intricate and delicate. I can tell she puts a lot of time and effort into her art. Go look at her blog and then take a look at her artful jewelry.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Artizen Beads

This Weeks Featured Artisan is ArtiZen Beads

Truly Unique Creations! You must visit here shop to see for yourself!

You can find ArtiZen Beads at:

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Facebook :!/laura.r.silverman


Friday, July 16, 2010

This is one of my 3 dogs Gracie. My husband and I are going through a hard time with her right now. She has a back problem that is affecting her back legs. She can't tell what her back legs are doing so she drags them behind her. Sometimes she can walk and sometimes she needs are help. My husband and I go back and forth within ourselves questioning her quality of life. She is still Gracie but her body is failing her. The above picture is before any of this affected her. She can't chase after a ball anymore but she still can bark after the other dogs and she can still give and accept love. When do you say quality of life stinks and a dog needs to be put down?

Friday, July 9, 2010

It's My Birthday Soon

I want to tell everyone that my OB-GYN exams showed NO CANCER. And the mammograms were clear so NO CANCER. I have been cancer free for a year. *knocking on wood* literally. Isn't that great? I have been taking my vitamins and my cancer medicine...yes the one that makes me gain weight quickly if I don't exercise. I lift weights 1 x/ week and cardio 3x/ week when it all goes smoothly. I am so glad my husband goes with me or I know I would exercise to excess. But we go in the same car and we agree on what we are going to do so that's that.

OH my birthday is coming up 7/15. If any of you are interested I would like you to donate $20 to the USHS....that is the United States Humane Society. It is a one time donation. You could leave a comment here and we could celebrate your generosity. Here is their webpage: I know I don't usually ask for money but this is close to my heart and think of it as a birthday present to me...$20. And anyone that donates $20 will get $20 off on any watch they choose from my store. Just put HSUS in message to seller. This goes till the end of next week.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Caty Ann's Creations

Caty Ann's Creations

My name is Cathy and I live in NW Ohio. I have been creating jewelry for about 6 years for myself and family members. Each of my pieces are unique. Hope you enjoy my jewelry and acessories as much as I enjoy creating them

You can find Caty Ann's Creations on: