Friday, July 9, 2010

It's My Birthday Soon

I want to tell everyone that my OB-GYN exams showed NO CANCER. And the mammograms were clear so NO CANCER. I have been cancer free for a year. *knocking on wood* literally. Isn't that great? I have been taking my vitamins and my cancer medicine...yes the one that makes me gain weight quickly if I don't exercise. I lift weights 1 x/ week and cardio 3x/ week when it all goes smoothly. I am so glad my husband goes with me or I know I would exercise to excess. But we go in the same car and we agree on what we are going to do so that's that.

OH my birthday is coming up 7/15. If any of you are interested I would like you to donate $20 to the USHS....that is the United States Humane Society. It is a one time donation. You could leave a comment here and we could celebrate your generosity. Here is their webpage: I know I don't usually ask for money but this is close to my heart and think of it as a birthday present to me...$20. And anyone that donates $20 will get $20 off on any watch they choose from my store. Just put HSUS in message to seller. This goes till the end of next week.

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