Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So Excited

I am so excited! Friday I sold 3 watches all to a repeat customer who is going on vacation and wants to have some versatility in her watches. I am so happy. Sometimes it feels so good to be validated. She bought one of my most favorite watches. It's the one I posted here at the start of this post. I am so glad this watch found a good home. I guess I put a lot of love in the watches I make and like for them all to be sold. I know, I am not attached to my watches I just love making watches and I like my watches and want them to sell! LOL Anyway thats all for now.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I just found these earrings!

I was reading the forums and I saw Tissage's avatar and I liked her hat and decided to go check out her shop. I found these luscious earrings. The addie is But don't stop there look at the rest of her shop. It is yummy. You can see the earrings above. Tissage does great work!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Beach

I finally got to go to some of the beaches south of here. We didn't spend lots of time because I just wanted to get a feel for them. I also wanted to visit a little metaphysical store. It was fun. One of the beaches was just for swimmers. That was fun to watch. The ocean is so calming for me.

I finally got hooked up to a primary care physician who can then refer me to a radiation oncologist. I just might be able to get into radiation by the end of August. One doctor seem to think that 3 months after a lumpectomy was long enough to wait for treatment.

I just listed the above watch on I love the watch face on this watch. It's all dreamy and fantasylike.

I would really like to take my watches to the little shops around here but I find I don't quite have the courage to do that yet. I just think that seeing and feeling them makes them so much more attractive. I will work on the courage to do that the more I get to know the community around the metaphysical stores and such.

All for now until next time.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Odd watch

Here is an odd watch ( I think) I just made last week or the week before. I really like it. It has a distinct feel to it, don't you think?

We are Here!!!!

Well we are here. This is the first full day we have had the internet. It is the 8th day we have been in the house. Lots of boxes have been unpacked. I never knew I had so many friken books! You would think I would be very spiritual I have so many metaphysical books! LOL

I have my spot all set up where I will make my watches. It is not perfect but it is close to perfect. At first I was not quite sure about this house. The backyard is much smaller then our other place and I feel sad for our dogs. But with the beach near by they will love that walking area. The inside of the house is starting to feel homey with all our stuff in it. The energy feels good. No cold spots or odd feelings. Everything feels good and positive. Max initiated the house by pooing in the office. Nothing like cat poo to make a place stink. I quickly began working with him to get him use to the new cat box and its' space.

Oh the trip here...all nine hours of it were long and hot. Chopper rode with Joe. Grace and Bailey and the cats rode with me. It was a l o n g journey. I was grateful to get here.

If anyone is reading this...thank you for reading it. Comment!!! and follow!!!