Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Beach

I finally got to go to some of the beaches south of here. We didn't spend lots of time because I just wanted to get a feel for them. I also wanted to visit a little metaphysical store. It was fun. One of the beaches was just for swimmers. That was fun to watch. The ocean is so calming for me.

I finally got hooked up to a primary care physician who can then refer me to a radiation oncologist. I just might be able to get into radiation by the end of August. One doctor seem to think that 3 months after a lumpectomy was long enough to wait for treatment.

I just listed the above watch on I love the watch face on this watch. It's all dreamy and fantasylike.

I would really like to take my watches to the little shops around here but I find I don't quite have the courage to do that yet. I just think that seeing and feeling them makes them so much more attractive. I will work on the courage to do that the more I get to know the community around the metaphysical stores and such.

All for now until next time.

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