Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Not Sleeping My Mind is Worried

I'm worried about all kinds of things that are too complex to try and write in this blog. One has to do with one of my dogs that has a bad disc in her back. She gets really uncomfortable at times and whines and other times she is fine. I worry about her quality of life. She is the one with the ball, Gracie. It effect her control of her back legs.

I am also worried about this cancer medication I am taking for the next 5 years. I called my doctor today and said that I was rapidly gaining weight. So much so that I had to CUT MY WEDDING RING OFF and get it re-sized. It was stuck on my finger! The doc said that it is most likely the meds and he wants to see me on Friday. I feel like a balloon. My feet are tingling right out of the blue. I gained 8 pounds in 1 month and then 5 pounds this month. I hope there is another drug he can put me on.

So tonight I am worrying and can't turn my brain off. I'm off to try and sleep.



  1. I am so sorry about your pooch. It’s so tough to know how they are feeling or what they want.
    I hope everything goes well at your doctor’s visit too. Hopefully seeing the doctor will put your mind at ease and you will have one less thing to worry about.

  2. You are so sweet to comment on my blog about what I wrote. Few people do that you know?

    Thanks again,