Thursday, March 11, 2010

These are my doggies

I decided I would share with you my dogs. How do my dogs relate to my watches? Well my dogs make me happy and if I am happy I am freer to create. When one of them dies or is sick I don't create because I shut down. So here are my 3 dogs and a bit about them.

This is Bailey (the one with the brown and black and white). My husband went to the pound and Bailey picked him. My husband couldn't leave him because others wanted him. But Bailey wanted my husband and he wanted Bailey and after my husband called me I knew I wanted Bailey. He is a curious and a fun dog.

The dog with the black and white coat is Chopper. He is a great dog. I rescued him from the pound the day before he was to be put down. They told me he was unadoptable. Probably because he was in a cage and pawing at the door trying to get out. He is a good dog, however he does have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I think he was partially trained to fight with other dogs. He is not dog friendly and he wakes up sometimes mad or scared and we have to calm him down. We have to lean on him and tell him no around strange dogs...all the time he is barking at the other dogs and being vicious he is licking us. He ADORES my husband and loves and protects me. He is my sweetie.

Lastly, Gracie is the oldest and she is the one with the ball. She is the guard dog. She barks a lot to let us know if she hears anything out of the ordinary. She is older now and has something wrong with one of her disc in her back. She doesn't always know what her back legs are doing. We have her on pain meds and they are not affecting her liver. So that is good. We take all the dogs to the beach but we are really doing it for her and I. She loves the ocean as do I. She loves to run in the water and bite at it. She is like me in that when she gets hurt she wants to lash out. She is not a rescue...we got her from a family...she was the shy one. But she is the frightened one...shy and scared. We take great care to introduce her to people. She is a luv bunny.

I have a cat, Max the Cat but I can't find any pics of him but I will later. He is a fur ball of standoffish love. Now you know my family minus my husband. A girl has to keep some things private you know. I am thinking of taking pictures of my work area so you can see where I do my beading. Big deal huh? LOL

Thanks for reading...till next time.



  1. Love your animals! Looking forward to seeing the picture of the cat!