Thursday, December 10, 2009

On a personal note

You all know that this blog is about my watches and earrings and other artists but it is also about me personally because that effects my art. Tuesday I finally started Femara, the pill I will be taking for the nest 5 YEARS of my life to make sure the cancer stays away in all parts of my body. I finished the radiation...all blisters are healed...I am no long TIRED all the friggin' time.

I did go through a hypomanic phase which allowed me to gets lots of earrings made and lots listed in both Etsy and Art Fire. LOL I have had a bit of the blues but nothing to freak out about YET. So I am happy about that mostly I am trying to ignore any of the blues I am feeling as DENIAL sometimes...rarely but sometimes...makes them go away. I just dont' want to crash after having the hypomanic phase. I have told the woman I talk to about all this and she is on the same page as I am so that is good. I am counting on the blues staying the blues and not going into a major depressive episode. I have too many earrings to list and too many watches to make for that!

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