Monday, July 6, 2009

I found this!

Look at what I found:
Her web site is
and she does all kinds of great things. I read tarot cards so that is my tool of choice but I also use pendulums for my personal use. I have my very first one and know that when you find one that touches your heart you want to keep it forever. She makes earrings too and other fun things. If you read her profile you will see that she is a dog lover. That makes her okay in my book. As is posted in my profile I have 3 small to medium size dogs that are my animal companions (and 2 cats).

I just made another watch and want to list it. But my husband has a hard time getting around to taking pics of it when it is only one watch. See? I gotta learn that end of my business. Doncha think?

Anyway, go and see this website

Helen at

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