Friday, July 10, 2009

I am creating a new shop!

I am starting a new shop for my watches. It is at Wink Elf. Here is the blog for it:

I am just starting so don't expect much. Just learning my way around. It' kinda exciting!

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  1. Hi Helen: Love your watches. I plan to make one with beaded bracelet too, but won't be doing it on the scale that you do, because I do so many other things. I found you on Winkelf. Will you friend me there, bedcause I have enough fav stores there? I'll friend you now. I am here: .

    Also, would you like to Google Friend Connect our blogs? I am trying to add more followers to my module. I'll friend your Google module now. My blog is here so you can Google Friend me: . Look forward to talking and seeing more of your work.