Monday, December 13, 2010

An Etsy Wish List

I am posting an Etsy wish list for Etsy Blogger. The only thing that I really have on my wish list is that my watches will be so appealing to people that they will want to buy them for themselves and to give them as gifts for loved ones. I want people to see my watches and say, "I like these! They are really unique and pretty! I want to get one!" or "Wow, these are really different. I have not seen any watches like these. I want to buy one." ( or two) I want my watches on Etsy to cause people to start talking about Watches by Helen.

My wish is that Watches by Helen on Etsy becomes a known name for fun and different watches.

That is my wish list.


  1. What an excited blogs you post. I wish that you get your wish fulfilled & get Watches by Helen. Nice stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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