Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Update on Gracie

There is such a big hole where Gracie used to be. It is a relief not to hear her whining at night either for attention or because she is in pain. I get the feeling the other dogs feel her absence. I just miss her so much. I listed a watch today and re-listed a bunch of others so that is good. It just seems like there is this huge void that needs filling. Even Max the Cat feels it I think. He was always pestering Gracie for attention. I feel the biggest void at night when we are all in the living room. She was always with us at night. In the daytime she spent most of her time in the bedroom or dining room. I realize that this is part of loving a dog. They live shorter lives then humans. We outlive them. It is a sad fact most of the time. I am glad Grace was part of my life and that I could make her life happy and contented. She got to play in the ocean and she LOVED the ocean. She played in the ocean until her legs would not let her anymore. She was a well-loved companion.

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