Friday, May 21, 2010

Working out!

Okay so a couple of months ago I started working out 3 times a week cardio level or to a point that it was really hard to talk while moving my body. Then I am told that adding more muscle mass burns more calories so lifting weights is a good idea. OMG I hate lifting weights. But hey, I talk to a trainer at the gym and have her show me some machines and I start doing that on the days that I am not doing cardio.

So now I am going 5 days a week with my sweet husband. I am doing all this because #1 I need to to be healthy. #2 The stupid cancer meds are causing me to rapidly gain weight and the working out has stopped it. #3 Being Post-menopausal has slowed my metabolism waaaaay down. Soooo yeah me. LOL I used to work out and love it but now it is just a pain in my ass. What happened to the love? Where did it go? I used to love to sweat now I just itch when I sweat. Where did the love go? It doesn't take that long to do 15 min on the eliptical and 15 minutes on the bike or treadmill. I break it up so I don't get bored. Where did the love go? Maybe it has just disappeared for a while and the more I get into the sweating part and the better I get into it the more I will love working out. Yes? Can anyone agree with me?

Does anyone have any comments? Any words of encouragement? Any post-menopausal women reading this and relating? Any humorous words? I am really taking this with some humor but I really do get intimidated with all the young people working out with their young bodies. I feel so old sometimes. But hey, I am there. I am healthy and I am there. I am grateful to be able to be there.

Comments are welcome here.

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