Friday, May 7, 2010

Black Fire Design

Nancy and Christy Goulet are the artists behind the jewelry in the Black Fire Design shop. They do beautiful work. I was struck by this piece that you see in this blog entry. You know how much I love purple. But even more then that, I read their profile. Nancy discusses her gaining of the gift of Sky her coal black horse. The sweetest of horses. She has not even has the horse for the 30 days of "getting to know you" and she already knows that the horse is special. I guess that drew me to the shop even more than the jewelry. I do love the bracelet but I love animals and this story won me over. I am for MOST anyone that loves animals.

Here is the link to the bracelet. Here is a link to the pretty necklace. And here is the link to the shop itself Black Fire Design.

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