Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So excited!!!!!

I am so excited!!! I just sold my first item on Art Fire. I've sold 12 items on Etsy...mostly to people I know...but this person on Art Fire was a TOTAL stranger. I am so excited! I actually have 2 because her first try messed up on Paypal so it looks like I have 2. So my lips are sealed.

I have to show off my earrings. I think these earrings are so pretty I am having trouble not keeping them for myself. I think my husband did a wonderful job in taking the picture too. These are such pretty blue, faceted earrings and then the seed beads are faceted to reflect the light too. So pretty! God, I think I have had too much caffeine. Ever feel like that? Either that or I am a bit manic. Either one feels kinda good LOL.

Oh and I have to let everyone know that Nov. 27 - 30 all my watches will be 20% off. All you have to do is type in the notes to seller box "weekend sale" and I will immediately refund your 20%. ALL MY WATCHES ARE 20% OFF. That is pretty good I think.

Well that is it for tonight. I am going to go make some earrings and watch some repeats of Grey's Anatomy. Take care everyone and have a good Thanksgiving.

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