Saturday, November 7, 2009

Okay Okay Okay!!!!!

I think I have it now...the colors. The purples just were not working and the black was too black. I like this. In truth, I think I am on the manic side. I don't get the real high highs but I just get the little ups. I tend to spend too much on supplies and little stuff. Wanna know a secret? I bought 32 Feet of this great antique copper chain for $17 dollars. Now tell me why the hell did I buy 32 feet of chain???? I just use if for earrings!!!! Am I crazy??? I think so!!! I bought this yummy sounding tea this morning for a total of $9.50. Do I drink tea very often if ever? NO! But I do like it and it sounded yummy! I feel this little engine in my that is the mania...just a subtle purring. But who knows what I will buy! My poor husband said to me this morning to try to control it. At least I am not buying LOTS OF STUFF all in one spot but, it does all add up. Okay enough of this!

Why do I tell you this in my blog where I show my watches and stuff and where I show the artistry of others? Because it is part of the process of my work. If my mind is racing too fast I can't make anything cause all my images run together. Or if I am too depressed no images come to me. It is all part of the process that I share with you. Oy vey such drama! Until next time.


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  1. So great to know I am not alone in my manic, artistic, craziness! :-)