Saturday, October 24, 2009

Only 4 more days

I am so happy and so exhausted. I only have 5 more days of radiation left in my treatment. At the end it will have been 33 days straight minus weekends of radiation. My best friend said it is like chemotherapy but it is not in your blood. My right breast looks like it has had a really bad sunburn. Poor thing. I wonder if I will get a gold star at the end of this? Or maybe a cookie?!

I know this blog is about my art and watches and other's art and stuff but hey this effects my art and I just had to talk about this to someone other than my husband. I am so happy to be alive and cancer free. What's a little sunburn...oh and I have to take pill for 5 years that will weaken my bones...THAT'S so the cancer does not come back but it's worth it. I am so blessed in my life and I am not complaining...just stating facts.

I sold a watch to someone that was giving it as a Christmas gift. Isn't that great? It was one of my favorite watches too. I hope her friend and the customer love the watch.

Anyway, enough for now. Thanks for reading my rambling,


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