Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I just found this!

I just found this really neat little shop on Etsy named "For Strange Women". Isn't that perfect? I am a strange woman and here I find a shop for strange women! And it has potions and elixars and all kinds of yummy smelling things. I just ordered some clove lip balm. (clove is my favorite scent How did she know that?) And I ordered some aromas also...Astral Projection, Cleopatra, and Moss and Ivy. You know I only have 2 days left of radiation. After 33 days of getting a severe sunburn on my right breast, I think I need a treat for myself and this is it! You can find her shop at:

Her shop has a neat feel to it...kinda mysterious. She even has a special order for psychic vampires. Did I ever mention that I do tarot readings? I sometimes need a little more then my psychic protection that I do before readings. You really have to go visit her shop.

Have fun,

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