Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How's Business?

My jewelry making has been interesting of late.  I started stamping metal blanks and making them into earrings.  I am liking the way they are coming out and people are actually buying them!  I am going to try and start making necklaces.  I am going to start using a hydrochloric acid called Silver Black which will tarnish only the areas that I want tarnished.  I have been using perm marker but have heard that wears away.  I was thinking about using Liver of Sulfur but have heard the smell is awful and I get migraines from awful smells...even from not so awful smells.  Liver of Sulfur lasts the best. But I will settle for Silver Black.  Here are some of the first I made:

I have been also selling readings on Tophatter.  Simple 3 card readings, past, present, and future.  The hardest part is arranging a time we can both talk on the phone.  But I do give them the auction of email readings.

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