Friday, March 2, 2012


I found this wonderful shop through the Onfire Team.  It is the weekly highlighted shop.  I saw this necklace and just thought it was beautiful.  It has Indonesian flair with pewter beads and blue lapis bead.  It is just lovely.  The artist is from Quebec, Canada and she is so talented.  She sells her work on Artfire and I hope you go see her shop.  I think it will be hard for you not to buy something.  But, please don't let that stop you.  I plan to go back to the shop and look thoroughly through the shop.  I may just have to give in to my desire.  Won't you go look too?  Go look and have fun!

Oh!  This is Mira.  A darling dog she had on her site.  I just had to include it in her write-up.

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  1. Thank you Helen that was nice of you to do that .Will share it on FB :O)