Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Watches are Selling!

I have amazing news to report. I have had my shops open for over a year and my watches are finally selling! I am so grateful! My husband doesn't seem surprised. He says he guesses he had more confidence in me then I did. But they are selling almost DAILY. That's amazing. I was asking the Universe for one per week. But I am fine with 1 per day or 2 or 3. Just so I have enough time to customize each watch. Isn't this wonderful? Anyway I just had to tell all my blog friends. I hope someone is reading this so that you can get excited with me. I am hoping to make money this year or to come out way better then last year.

I am so grateful for those people that are buying my watches and talking about Watches by Helen and to those of you reading this blog.

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